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Welcome to your own little piece of heaven!

Long before my photography journey even started, I had I love for nature I couldn't really put into words. It wasn't always just the perfect colouring of never-ending botanicals mixed with the purple-orange of a sunset, but the silence and the still that came with it when staring at this creation .... at His creation. It's as if He wanted us to smile, and be still, when looking at this little piece of Heaven, knowing that this one day awaits all of His children. From the bottom of my heart I believe that He brought down to earth this indescribably humble beauty in the form of nature for us to marvel in, and  be thankful. And this, this is where Heaven Meets Earth.


So, here's my pitch to you...

Have you ever caught yourself staring at something so breathtaking that time completely slips away? Then what's better than to have a little piece of Heaven hanging on your very own wall, and you can marvel or be still, for how-many hours you want?


With this, we now introduce to you our Heaven Meets Earth Collection. We offer a wide range of photographed flowers in its purest beauty for you to decorate your home, office, restaurant or gallery with. 

Simply select your favourite image along with your canvas size, and place your order below!

Happy Shopping!!

*All canvases are mounted and framed.

*All photographs are captured, created, edited and sold by Sammy Jade Photography

*Shipping is from Thabazimbi to anywhere in South Africa.

Heaven Meets Earth Collection



We have two Collections to choose from: our Flora, Fauna and Nguni Collection. Our Flora Collection consists of a variety of flowers and succulents, with  our proteas being a favourite among clients. Our Fauna Collection tries to display the heart of South Africa as we know it with beautiful and majestic farm animals - and our Nguni pieces speak for themselves. 

Browse through our catalogue, and when you are ready, PLACE YOUR ORDER in the next tab.

If you wish to  see products in person,  visit the Art-tichoke shop at Middelburg Mall Retail City. 


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